Apprenticeships (unsolicited) — US

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Apprenticeships (unsolicited) — US

San Francisco & New York 

Gehl is a global leader in people centered urban design. We have offices in Copenhagen, New York City and San Francisco. Our US offices are focused on design and implementation of high quality, 'people first' urban environments throughout North and South America. We are a dynamic and talented team that includes architects, landscape architects, urban designers, sociologists, planners, researchers and practitioners. We welcome apprentices who are recent graduates or completing their final year in programs in Design, Social Science, or other relevant fields to ‘Making Cities for People.’ 

Please first review our blog for any current calls for apprentices, and subscribe to the blog to receive notifications of future opportunities.  If there are no current calls for apprentices, we welcome unsolicited applications here.

Please do not inquire by phone or in person, or send printed material. 
A Gehl representative will reach out to applicants if they are interested in an interview. Applicants will not hear from us, if they have not been offered an interview.

To apply answer and submit the following:

  1. Introduction: Introduce yourself, your interests and expertise and what kind of position you are seeking at Gehl. (75 words or less)

  2. Video: In a two minute video, please tell us what making cities for people means to you, and what you think are the most pressing challenges facing cities today. Please provide a link to an unlisted, public YouTube video.

  3. Cover Letter, CV & Portfolio: Please upload a single pdf containing a cover letter (max. 1 pg), your CV and your portfolio. We will not review links to external portfolios.

  4. References: Please provide least two professional references and one optional academic reference.

  5. Location: Please specify if you are interested in a position in the New York or San Francisco office or both.

  6. Work Authorization: If you are a non-U.S. resident, you must be authorized to work in the U.S.

  7. Availability: Please state what dates you are available for an apprenticeship with Gehl.

  8. Academic Requirements: Please advise if you are seeking to fulfill any academic requirements through the apprenticeship, and describe any coordination that would be necessary with your academic institution.